Wonder Woman Beat Spider-Man at the Box Office

Wonder Woman has already made a lasting impact on Hollywood, but now it’s name will officially go down in superhero-movie history. The movie has surpassed the original Spider-Man as the highest-grossing superhero origin story ever. The Patty Jenkins-directed blockbuster film has grossed $821.749 million worldwide, pushing it past the $821.708 million record set by Spider-Man. This comes as no to surprise to us, of course. AE writer Karen Frost reported  last month that people are craving more female superheroes (superheroines) on the big screen, as evidenced by the success of Atomic Blonde. And we are bold enough to say as well, the world is specifically ready for more lesbian superheroes – beyond just subtext, also as evidenced by the success of Atomic Blonde.

“Although it’s not really expressed in the “Wonder Woman” movie (aside from an evidently ad-libbed comment by Wonder Woman that men are unnecessary for sexual pleasure on Themyscira), the Wonder Woman comics are gay as heck and Themyscira is basically a lesbian paradise.”  – Karen Frost

What do you think?

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