Megan Fox shows us “Jennifer’s Body” in the horror flick’s first trailer


Finally, Megan Fox has something to do other than run from robots and give inane interviews. The first trailer for Fox’s new high school horror flick, Jennifer’s Body, was released to today.

In the film, Fox plays a high school cheerleader possessed by a flesh-eating demon and then goes on a feeding frenzy among her classmates. The red band (i.e. naughty words and all) trailer was released online before the general, green trailer debuts theatrically this weekend in front of the film Bruno. Check it out (but, remember, it’s red for a reason).

Director Karyn Kusama, writer Diablo Cody and producer Jason Reitman explained the advance leak on

Fox is putting a trailer of Jennifer’s Body in front of Bruno this Friday. Great, right? Only problem is it’s not our trailer. It’s kind of a straight horror preview and while we’re sure it’ll appeal to many of you, we wanted to make sure you guys got to see our cut … Let’ call it the “filmmaker’s cut.” We think it captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on — a kind of nostalgia for when horror films were fun. Can’t wait to show you the whole film … In the meantime, here’s the red band trailer we wanted our fans to see.

Hmm, interesting. Now this could mean the filmmakers are genuinely at odds with the studio about how to market the film. Or this could be a savvy technique for drumming up online interest in a genre film. Either way, the trailer looks promising.

In the film, hottie cheerleader Jennifer is possessed by a boy-eating demon after seeing a Satan-worshipping rock band. (See, kids, Tipper Gore was right!) When Jennifer starts devouring the male student body, her bespectacled best friend Needy (yes, Needy, played Amanda Seyfried) tries to exorcise her demons.

The trailer manages to pack in scares, skin, laughs and a little bisexual baiting. We see some split-second very special sleepover moments between Fox and Seyfried.

And then there’s this exchange:

Needy: I thought you only murdered boys.

Jennifer: I go both ways.

The quippy writing by Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Cody shines through. And Fox sure makes evil look good. Plus, any trailer that uses both The Runaways and The Waitresses can’t be all bad, right?

So, what do you think? Are you going to check out Jennifer’s Body come Sept. 18?

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