In “Genesis” the Future of Mankind is Woman



In a new sci-fi dramedy starring Meredith Baxter, we get to live out the fantasy of an all-female civilization. Baxter, who is best known and loved for her role as America’s favorite TV mom on 1980’s sitcom Family Ties, plays Dr. Alix Martel in Genesis, written and directed by Audrey Evans. In a promotional video for the film, the actress speaks enthusiastically about the project and her character.

“Its not that often that I’m going to be hired and cast as a butch lesbian doctor who’s lost her license.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.48.35 AM

According to the film’s website, the basic plot is this:

“Genesis is the story of the first woman to be giving birth by Parthenogenesis, the body’s ability to reproduce without fertilization or outside stimulus. The woman is abducted by the world powers — all men — who are studying her to see how they can save their species from extinction. She’s then liberated by a group of radical feminist lesbians led by Meredith Baxter’s character, and taken to their colony which is at an abandoned Jewish resort in the Catskills…

Think Orange is the New Black meets Pulp Fiction meets Enter the Dragon.”

If you’ve ever fantasized about a world where all men have gone extinct, and lesbians are everywhere…you’re going to like this. What could be better than a modern version of the ancient Isle of Lesbos? But this one has Meredith Baxter, and two other talented lesbian actresses, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Dana Goldberg. That’s three lesbians getting to play lesbians on screen, and not a male gaze in sight. Are you intrigued? Watch the trailer below, and then visit their INDIEGOGO page to read a full description of the project, the all-star cast, the film’s debut director, and find out how you can get involved! Let’s help make this happen. Because lesbians!

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