Out creator Sonia Sebastián on “Girl Gets Girl”


If you enjoyed lesbian web series Chica Busca Chica, you’re going to love creator Sonia Sebastián’s follow-up film Girl Gets Girl. Featuring several fan favorites with different names but very similar personalities, this Spanish flick’s a laugh riot.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sonia, who now resides in Los Angeles. She told us about how fans made this movie possible, how the Spanish entertainment industry is still lagging behind on lesbian content and what’s next for her franchise.


AfterEllen.com: When did you start to think Chica Busca Chica could, in fact, be more than a web series? When and how did the idea of a movie come to be?

Sonia Sebastián: The idea of the movie came because I was trying to shoot the second season. I wrote it, but in Spain, it was totally impossible because the content, the lesbian stuff–the channels were not prepared for that. So I was thinking, “What can I do?” Because a series is expensive and you need more time to shoot and all this stuff. And one day, I was talking with some friends, and they said, “Why don’t you do a movie?” And I said, “Doing a movie is very complicated.” They said, “Oh you can shoot maybe in three weeks, in two weeks. You don’t need so much money. You have a lot of actors that you know.” So I said, “Why not?” I started to think what could happen with these characters nine years later, and we started to write.


AE: Hearing you say you couldn’t make this happen in Spain might surprise some, given the success of your web series and a show like Tierra de Lobos. Do you feel there were too many barriers in place to give your series a new life on Spanish television?

SS: Yeah, it was a lot of problems. And Tierra de Lobos, it’s not a lesbian series. You have this little space in all the story. But Spain, we have gay marriage as of 10 years ago, so I’m very proud of that. But I think that we need to change the Spanish industry because they don’t want main lesbian characters. They say, “Okay, we can give a little space to a lesbian or a gay.” But they don’t want to produce and execute a purely lesbian series. When I was trying to do my second season, I was in contact with a big producer there. And they loved the project. Any channel–they had a bunch of meetings. And it was not possible. Spain is more prepared to give secondary characters lesbian stories, but not the main characters.


AE: Let’s talk about the importance of fans. I know there was a lot of crowdfunding. How vital were they to getting this movie made?

SS: I think the fans were the most important part to this movie’s birth. The fans were there not just in the crowdfunding. Even before, I had so many, many, many, many letters, emails of people that watched the series and they said, “Sonia, we need that you keep telling stories like that because it helped me to come out,” or “It helped me to talk to my mother and communicate with my mother,” or “Now I don’t feel so bad because I saw your series and I know that I’m a normal person too.” So the fans, for me, they were in all the process. That was one of the reasons I decided to go with the movie and financing by crowdfunding. They were helping all the time, sharing. So it was amazing. And AfterEllen helped a lot, too, because AfterEllen gave us the opportunity to share and to tell American people that we want to do this. And OneMoreLesbian too. So yeah, for me, fans are the most important part in this project. I appreciate it so much, and I am very proud and very happy about that.


AE: While you kept some of the same actresses, you changed up character names and added a lot of new faces to the cast. Why is that?

SS: I was feeling that I want to do the same thing, but I want to do something different too. I want evolution of the characters. When we start to write, something happens. We need other characters for this story. The other script writer is not the same from the series. It’s other writers who wrote the movie with me.

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