New French film borrows from “The L Word”


It’s hard to be original sometimes. At least, that’s what I gather from the people who put together movie posters. We’ve seen this sort of thing before — artists borrowing from one another and not really bothering to change much more than the title to make it something completely new.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that reader Clémence gave us a heads-up on a poster for the French film Le Bal des Actrices that appears to take from a previous L Word promo. Observe:

Season 2 might have come and gone, even in France, but you must know, copycats, that lesbians never forget.

However, it’s arguable that even The L Word picture is a copy of a much more famous French painting: “Le Bain Turc” by Ingres.

While all three bear a striking resemblance (and there are surely other works of art in existence that utilize the same sort of naked-women group poses), the most interesting thing about them is that they differ in the women’s gazes. The actresses of Le Bal des Actrices appear a little “come hither”; Bette and co. seem a little more sassy; and Ingres’ women don’t even seem to notice they’re being gawked at.

Sorry, Ingres. It looks like your whole idea has been taken to the point of no return. The concept has gone from coyly in the buff to completely in the nude.

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