There’s a whole lotta love in the new “Harry Potter” trailer


Caution! Cuidado! Vorsicht! The following post is fraught with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince spoilers. Hang onto your hats, or your Amortentia (love potion, Muggles) or your 3-D Spectrespecs.

Raise your hand if you are going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Keep your hand raised if you’ve read the book. Keep your hand raised if you waited in line at midnight to get the book. Keep your hand raised if you cried while reading the book. OK, now, keep your hand up if, after finishing the book, you wore sackcloth and ashes and mourned like Albus Dumbledore was your very own grandfather.

Everyone with their hands still in the air, come sit by me and watch the new trailer. I’ll hold you close.

Yep, Potter trailers are dropping like candy. First there was the eerie American teaser with young Tom Riddle, then the international teaser, which was equally spooky with even more delicious images.

Now there is this third unscheduled trailer that Warner Brothers dropped off at Harry Potter fan sites last Friday. It’s almost like they’re feeling guilty for pushing back the release date eight months. If you remember (and, oh, I do), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was originally scheduled to hit theaters this weekend.

The latest trailer is packed full of goodies. (Some old, some new.) Just like the book, you’re floating along with Hogwarts’ romantic hijinks, and then — BAM! — the bottom falls out and you’re chasing Severus Snape through a field while the world burns to the ground.




Romance. (Damn it, Won-Won!)


World’s on fire!

Next summer seems so far away.

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