Does the Cher as Catwoman rumor have nine lives?


Some casting rumors make me excited; some casting rumors make me perplexed. But it’s that rare casting rumor that makes me excitedly perplexed. Cher as Catwoman? Really? Now, this is just a rumor and only a rumor. But still, Cher as Catwoman? How both incredibly weird and incredibly awesome would that be? It’s so crazy I can almost see it now.

Of course, Cher may not want to invest in a scratching post just yet. The U.K.’s Telegraph broke the news based on an unnamed studio executive claiming that Batman director Christopher Nolan thinks Cher would be purr-fect for the role. The source also claims that the director wants Cher to play Catwoman as a “vamp in her twilight years.” Interesting concept, but I pity the fool who has to tell the 62-year-old Cher she that she is in her “twilight years.” I think Cher and her wigs might have a thing or two to say about that.

The casting rumors also include Johnny Depp being picked to play the Riddler. But since Nolan hasn’t even signed on yet to direct the third film, it’s hard to take any casting news too seriously. Heck, just last month a rumor made the rounds that Angelina Jolie had inquired about playing the role of Catwoman. It’s enough to drive a gal batty, I say.

Still, I’m rather intrigued by the idea of an older Catwoman. Young and sexy has been done and done well (hello, Julie Newmar; nice to see you, Eartha Kitt; sit a little closer, Michelle Pfeiffer; not so fast, Halle Berry).

But older and wiser hasn’t been put to screen yet. Heck, I could even see Cher in the role. I mean, we know she already loves putting on costumes. Why not a tail and a bullwhip, too?

So, who is your favorite Catwoman? And is Cher a crazy pick, or as crazy like a fox cat?

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