Women of Hollywood award each other with support


Women in Film, an organization that honors people who advance female involvement in filmmaking, hosted their annual Crystal + Lucy Awards on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills. Among the winners were Ginnifer Goodwin, who won the MaxMara “Face of the Future” award; Salma Hayek who took home the Lucy Award for her work as the producer of Ugly Betty; and Diane English with the ensemble cast of The Women, who won the Crystal Award.

Annette Benning and Meg Ryan

Of the women surrounding her (other attendees include Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes) at the awards ceremony, Goodwin told the press, “To be in their company is confusing for me. I’m so humbled.”

I get that. If I had somehow managed to get gussied up and teleport to the red carpet on Tuesday night, I’m sure I would have been befuddled by all the talent and diverse beauty, too. You might even say I would have gone so far as to make an ass out of myself during the jovial acceptance speeches.

When accepting her Lucy Award, Hayek said: “I’m 41 now, and I have to say: it is the best time in my life!”

Jada Pinkett Smith, who will play lesbian supermodel Miriam Aarons in The Women, responded to Hayek by shouting: “You look good!”

“And how!” I would have probably bellowed.

“I love you, Salma!” Mendes, another star of The Women, yelled out during Hayek’s speech.

“Me too!” I would have cried.

(Look, if Ginnifer Goodwin gets sodden by beauty it’s understandable that I, too, would be a little tipsy in the company of all these women celebrating the fact that they are women.)

Not to be outdone by all the stars of The Women, Goodwin told reporters: “I have He’s Just Not That Into You coming out October 24. We have Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connolly, so we win. We win!”

If movie executives take the hint from the massive revenues of the Sex and the City movie and begin realizing that women are more than just a niche audience, maybe we’ll all win. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here working on my teleporter.

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