Patti Smith takes over every medium


You don’t have to be a fan of rock music to be a fan of Patti Smith. The woman is an artist in every sense of the word, as she’s been a consistent force of music, activism and poetry since the 1970s. The Linster wrote about her new film back in February, but it finally has gotten a release date set.

Patti Smith: Dream of Life premiered at Sundance this winter, winning the Excellence in Cinematography: Documentary award, and it’s just been announced that the documentary will be in theaters this fall. Check out the trailer if you still haven’t:


Just as a reminder, Dream of Life is narrated by Patti herself, and it was filmed over 12 years of her writing, touring, and living in New York. Hopefully we can expect some stories of her high-profile friendships with people such as Allen Ginsberg and Michael Stipe, her years as a rock journalist, and the recording of her debut album, Horses that has continued to influence musicians and other artists alike (including Shirley Manson and Ellen Page, who even named her dog Patti after the legend.)

But since the the film won’t be gracing us with its Patti presence until fall, there are a few things more tangible to look forward to in the near future: Patti is releasing a spoken word album, The Coral Sea, with Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) on July 11. And in August, a book (also called Dream of Life) with personal photographs, quotes and anecdotes from Patti. (Superfans, take note.)

Ms. Smith may be 61, but she’s no has-been. Get hip if you still haven’t yet! Will you see the film or give the new album a try? Perhaps you’re more of a picture book kind of gal?

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