Elizabeth Reaser’s psychic connection


The AfterEllen.com Forum has a discussion in progress about which TV character you’d like to date. I suppose I’m a bit too literal for that version of the game, since my first requirement for dating a woman is that she be a lesbian and, given the state of TV at the moment, that narrows the field to, well, zero. But if movies are included, I don’t even have to think. Allegra from Puccini for Beginners wins hands down — and up and anywhere else she wants to put them. Sigh.

My crush on Allegra has naturally transferred to Elizabeth Reaser, who played her. And having a crush on Reaser is not as easy as some of my other crushes because her star seems to be rising more slowly than I would like. I just don’t get to see her enough.

She does, of course, have a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy as Ava/Rebecca, the former patient who connects — in every imaginable way — with Karev. And yes, Reaser will be back for several more episodes when the Grey’s season continues April 24.

But the best Reaser news I’ve heard is that she’s been cast as the lead in Mythological X, a comedy based on an Israeli show from SevenOne International. The story sounds cool: Annabel (Reaser) learns from a psychic that she has already met and dumped the love of her life. She must find Mr. Right and marry him within a year or remain single forever. The revelation leads Annabel to track down all of her exes, who seem to be numerous. Annabel is something of a, um, dater.

Despite the fact that Mythological X is yet another remake of a foreign show and sounds blatantly heterosexual, a couple of things give me hope. For one, Timothy Busfield is directing. Sure, I’m still a little bitter that Busfield won the heart of Allison Janney‘s character, C.J., on The West Wing. But Busfield has directed some pretty impressive shows, and if he makes Reaser a big star, all is forgiven.

Another good sign is that Diane Ruggiero, writer/producer of Veronica Mars, will pen the series. Ruggiero is brilliant and funny and cute.

Even though I’m bummed that this project likely will derail Ruggiero’s plan to develop a series about a pair of crime-fighting female superheroes, I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with Mythological X .

Meanwhile, we’ll see Reaser in Twilight, a vampire thriller about a teen (Kristen Stewart) who falls for a creature of the night, with nary a slayer in sight. Reaser plays Esme Cullen, the matriarch (frozen at age 26 when she “changed”) of the vampish Cullen clan.

Twilight opens Dec. 12. I know that seems like a long time away, but I have all that time to imagine Elizabeth Reaser as a seductive vampire. Hey, she could have me for dinner any time.

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