Retro Reviewing: “Personal Best”


This week, the retro reviewers (back to the full cast of Caroline, Rina, Danielle and Katie) take on Personal Best, the lesbian sports classic from 1982. The movie stars Mariel Hemingway as the naïve yet determined Kris and Patrice Donnelly as her lover/rival Tory, as they compete for a spot on the 1980 Olympic track team. Scott Glenn plays their creepy, manipulative coach, and the film was written and directed by the acclaimed screenwriter Robert Towne.

Unfortunately, the movie proved a little too dated for ¾ of the crew. While one retro reviewer has roots in college track (and therefore an unquestioning love of movies about running), the other three were too bored by copious shots of women sweating in slow motion to care about the rather clichéd storyline. There were rumblings of dissent long before the last lap was over.

One thing everyone appreciated, however, was the incredible retro fashion.

Retro Reviewing: Personal Best

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Check back next episode, when the reviewers take on the divisive 2001 comedy Kissing Jessica Stein.

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