Misogyny in the movies


It’s hardly a news flash that misogyny
is as American as, well, American Pie. Still, it’s refreshing
to stumble across a rant from a like-minded film fan to reassure myself
that I’m not the only one who didn’t find Knocked Up
charming and funny. Or cry a little when Jack Black hooked
up with Kate Winslet in The Holiday. Or, heaven
forbid, see myself on-screen in Renée
‘s boy-crazy, insecure Bridget

And so I bring you highlights
from a piece over at Radaronline.com, aptly entitled “No Country for Fat
Chicks,” a snarky roundup of some of the most misogynist movies of
the past decade. I’m just listing the past two years here, but here’s the rest of the article for your entertainment.

The 2007 prize for sexism goes
to Superbad.

Here’s Radar‘s reasoning: “Seth
is not cute. His cluelessness is not charming. He’s a cretin. And the
worst kind of cretin: a
cretin who is afraid of vaginas
.” It begs to be said: That
is just super bad.

A runner-up for 2007 was
Hostel: Part II

The author thanks Eli Roth
“for giving us naked Heather Matarazzo strung up by an evil
woman who slits her captive’s throat and then rubs the blood on her
tits. Sisterhood is powerful.” Unfortunately, so are evil lesbianish

Another gem from 2007:
Shoot ‘Em Up.

this one

Monica Bellucci is both the Madonna
and the whore. In the scene where she gives birth, Clive Owen
shoots off the baby’s umbilical cord, spraying her face with blood.

The winner of 2006 was
The Devil Wears Prada.

This one took honors for
Stanley Tucci‘s treatment of Anne Hathaway, and for spawning
a thousand reflections by male writers about one-dimensional bitchy
bosses on film.

2006 Runner-Up: John Tucker
Must Die.

This one I haven’t heard
of, even though it co-stars Ashanti, but it doesn’t
sound like I missed out. The plot has three teenage girls humiliating
a male heartbreaker by feeding him estrogen and making him wear panties.
Obviously, there’s nothing more humiliating than being female.

And another 2006 shout-out
went to My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Uma Thurman, whose superpowers
exceed the definitions of neurotic clinginess, gets dumped, and “crazy-bitch
hilarity ensues.”

Notable nominees in previous
years include Spike Lee‘s She Hate Me, for asking viewers
“to believe that a bunch of well-heeled lesbians would pay $10,000
to be impregnated the old-fashioned way and get off on it.”
And Reese Witherspoon‘s Sweet Home Alabama, a classic
in that very special “punish-the-career-woman” genre.

Is there anything you’d add
to the list?

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