Page out of “Hell”


UPDATE: Alison Lohman (White Oleander, Things We Lost in the Fire, Beowulf) has signed on to star in Drag Me to Hell. See the end of this post for more.

Drag Me to Hell, the
new horror movie from Sam Raimi, has to find another actress
to drag with it, as Ellen Page
has dropped out.

The Oscar nominee’s withdrawal
is bad news for the film, which marks Raimi’s return to directing the horror genre after
seven-plus years in Spiderman country. Personally, I’d prefer
that he return to the Xena genre. Yes, Xena gets a whole genre — any

The official explanation for Page’s withdrawal is that she
had a scheduling conflict. Besides Drag, Page is cast in Drew
‘s roller derby comedy, Whip It! and Peacock,
a thriller starring Cillian Murphy. Since most studios are trying
to get films produced before a possible Screen Actors Guild strike on
June 30, Page’s schedule no doubt is packed.

But Bloody-Disgusting quotes a source that says “she
[Page] didn’t like the latest draft of the script.” That, too,
could be the case. Raimi and his brother, Ivan, wrote Drag Me to
right after Army of Darkness 15 years ago,
leading some fans to question the script’s relevance.

Whatever the reason, I’m kind
of disappointed. I’m not a big horror fan, but I do appreciate Raimi’s
cult classic, Evil Dead, and I was looking forward to seeing
what magic would come from a Raimi-Page match-up. The good news, though,
is that we don’t have to wait long to see Ellen-the-younger on the big
screen again. Smart People, with Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica
and Thomas Haden Church, opens April 11.

Here’s the Smart People trailer:



UPDATE: Page’s replacement in Drag Me to Hell is Alison Lohman, probably best known for White Oleander and Beowulf. Here are a couple of photos of Lohman:

Looks like Raimi had a certain “type” in mind, doesn’t it?

Drag Me to Hell will start production on March 31, just two weeks later than planned. The show must go on!

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