And the Oscar Goes to …


Maeve Quinlan

When not recovering from religion in her role as Paula Carlin on South of Nowhere, Maeve Quinlan is an executive producer, writer and actor on the web series 3Way. She also founded Beech Park Entertainment, co-wrote a series of children’s books, and in her spare time, co-starred in the Sony film Not Easily Broken, which will be released Sept. 26, 2008.

Best Director: “Recently single and just my type (what a shocker, another bad boy), Sean Penn.”

Most Emotional: Knocked Up

Most Laughter: There Will Be Blood

Most Tears: Ratatouille

Most Screams: Boogeyman 2, starring Matt Cohen (South of Nowhere‘s Aiden)

Role I Would’ve Killed For: “Bianca in Lars and the Real Girl. I have been dying to play opposite Ryan Gosling since Sandra Bullock got my role in Murder by Numbers.”

Character Who Should Guest-star on South of Nowhere: “Paula Carlin would have a run for her money with another mother character like Allison Janney’s character Bren MacGuff in Juno.”

Character Who Should’ve Been a Lesbian: “John Travolta in Hairspray … enough said.”

Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett’s come a

long way since her days playing a nurse on Days

of Our Lives.
The out actor recently starred in Season 3 of Dante’s Cove (here!), currently appears in the web series 3Way, and can be seen every week co-hosting We’re Getting Nowhere.

She also co-stars in the upcoming film And

Then Came Lola

Best Actress: “With absolute certainty, Marion Cotillard

in La Vie en Rose — a

tour-de-force performance, one of my favorites of the last five years

easily. As much as I love Ellen Page, [Cotillard] blows away the competition in her


Most Emotional Film: “I just watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and it really messed me up! The

perspective of the film bothered me at first, but I stayed with it and it broke

my heart. Ideally, a film can conjure a sense of empathy in the viewer. This

film forces you to consider the frailty of human life and existence. Big

stuff! Kept me up most of the night.”

Role I Would’ve Killed For: “Any of the female roles in

Quentin Tarantino’s movie Death Proof

— in particular, the role of Kim, played by Tracie Thoms. That stunt

sequence at the end of the film was quite possibly one of the greatest of all

time, and I couldn’t have played Zoe [Bell]’s

role! Tarantino loves making women the hero of his films. He has a

unique feminist voice, and I love all his movies.”

Character Who Should’ve Been a Lesbian: “The role of Queen

Gorgo played by Lena Headey in the movie 300. Yeah,

I know she was his loyal queen wife and all that, but it would have been more

fun if she were Leonidas’ younger dyke sister. She was just too damn badass to

be straight!”

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