Diane Lane: unflinching in “Untraceable”


All together now. Let’s picture

Diane Lane.

Good job. I promise not to
tell anyone what you pictured Diane Lane doing. Now, let’s picture Diane
Lane with a gun.

Oh yeah, baby. Um, I mean,
well done. If that was as good for you as it was for me, you’ll be happy
to know that Lane’s new movie, Untraceable, will be in theaters January 25. And
yes, she has a gun.

She also appears to have a
little something on her mouth. (Yes, that’s really part of the poster.)

How much would you pay to be
that pointer icon? Sigh. Anyway, in Untraceable, which also stars
Colin Hanks
and Billy Burke, Lane plays FBI agent and cyber-crime
specialist Jennifer Marsh. Her newest case has a twist — a serial killer
streams graphic murders live on his website and determines how quickly his victims
die according to the number of hits to the site. The trailer is, well,

If you’re nerdy like me, your
second thought (after the one about how hot Diane looks) is, "Pshaw
— no such thing as an untraceable website." Well, maybe. In this
case, the killer has set up his many IP addresses to change on a regular
basis. So yes, eventually the FBI would find all of the sources and
track them back to the owner, but it could take weeks or months.
‘s director, Gregory Hoblit, worked closely with former FBI Special Agent E.J. Hilbert
to make sure the film is as accurate as possible. Hilbert has addressed
some questions on Untraceable‘s IMDb message board, if you want to know more. (You may
have to register for access to the thread.) Lane actually worked with
a current female agent, "Jane," to get some experience with
how the FBI targets Internet criminals.

"Jane took Diane over
there [to her FBI branch] and put her in front of some guy who screened
himself live as a 13-year-old," Hoblit said. "She got him
to come into Portland and she had him set up; they knew he was coming.
Diane came back and said, ‘I can’t believe, it, I just ruined two lives
today.’ She got two of these guys in one day."

OK, to tell the truth, I’m
still a little skeptical. But I’m just tech-savvy enough to be dangerous,
so, for now, I will take Mr. Hilbert’s word that Untraceable

is feasible. What is more interesting to me, however, is the exploration
of the public’s fascination with sensationalism — even when a life is
at stake. I like to think that my sense of morality would quell my curiosity,
but I sure wouldn’t trust the general public to determine my fate.

How do you feel about this
movie? Do you think it’s plausible? Would people flock to a website
to see people get killed? And is it worth suspending disbelief to see
Diane Lane in a kick-butt role like this?

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