Three reasons 2008 already makes me laugh


I don’t know about you,
but this hasn’t been my favorite year at the movie theater. While
a handful of independent charmers made their mark, all in all I wasn’t
blown away by many of the big-budget, big-star offerings at the cineplex
this year. But, ever the cinematic optimist, I’ve already got three
reasons to look forward to 2008. I say out with the old and serious,
in with the new and funny. These three upcoming comedies caught my eye.
So bring on the new year and save me some popcorn.


1. Nim’s Island
(April 2008)


Jodie Foster
brings the wacky. As an agoraphobic, reclusive author (is there any
other kind?), the double Oscar winner lets her comedic talents shine
through for a change. Pratfalls and desert islands? I’m in.


2. Leatherheads
(April 2008)


Kind of like O Brother,
Where Art Thou?
meets Bull Durham, but with football. I wasn’t
that interested in this George Clooney
vehicle until I heard Renee Zellweger
trot out that little zinger about the “big strapping men.” Nineteen-twenties
repartee and silly hats? I’m in.


3. Mamma Mia! (summer


Dude, Meryl Streep
and singing and dancing and ABBA? You don’t even need to ask. I’m
so in.

So, do any other comedies coming
up look like they might tickle your funny bone? And how much do you
love Jodie in this hat?

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