“Prince Caspian” trailer – a reminder to keep the Aslan in Christmas


With less than a week to go
until Christmas, Santa has come through with at least one thing on AfterEllen.com blogger
Jamie Lynn’s list.

The trailer for The Chronicles
of Narnia: Prince Caspian
has been released and, to the delight
of Tilda Swinton fans everywhere, the White Witch is as terrifying
as ever.

I’m sure the timing of the
trailer’s release — in the midst of the silly squabbling about whether Golden Compass

is atheism’s Pied Piper, leading children straight to hell — is pure
coincidence, right? Ironically, C.S. Lewis, who wrote Narnia,
would likely
not approve
the Narnia series being held up as an apologetic for Christianity.
Lewis wrote these stories for fun, to explore what might happen if a
Christ figure were present in a fantasy world. But that’s a rant for
another day.

Disney released the Prince
trailer via a global broadcast and an online launch, marking the first
time a trailer has debuted in that way. According to Disney, releasing the trailer to Narnia fan sites was a way to reward fans for their

The story picks up as the Pevensie
children return to Narnia, which is in turmoil. Although one year has
passed for the children, 1300 have passed in Narnia. The evil King Miraz
rules the land, but the children soon meet Narnia’s rightful heir to
the throne, Prince Caspian.



Prince Caspian looks
darker than its predecessor, and I think that’s a good thing. I was disappointed
that the dark side of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was
so toned down. Much like the Harry Potter
books and His Dark Materials, The Chronicles of Narnia
are not, IMO, for the very young. The movies should be as intense as
the books. The trailer for Prince Caspian shows promise that
it will be. We’ll find out when the movie’s released in May 2008.

For now, you can find out what
Narnia character you are most like with the Narnia Personality
. I’m Mr. Tumnus,
the faun who isn’t the most reliable character in Narnia, but comes
through in the end. Maybe identifying with Tumnus is a good sign for
my social life, since I hear that girls just wanna have faun. Sorry.
What Narnia character are you?

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