Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson do battle in “Bride Wars”


Despite the writers’ strike, a handful of film projects are still going into production. One of those projects, script in hand pre-strike, is Bride Wars. It’s described as a romantic comedy about two best friends who compete for everything from caterers to guests when they both decide on the same wedding date. Kate Hudson has been attached to the project since at least last November and is one of the producers of the film.

Recent news is that Anne Hathaway has signed on as the best friend with whom Hudson does battle. Let the cat fights begin. Might I request whipped cream?

I’m not a big romantic comedy girl myself. (Just ask my wife.) But I may have to see this one. Seriously, I’ve sat through plots far worse than this just to look at the pretty ladies. I sat through all of The Lake House just to watch Sandra Bullock, for goodness’ sake. Plus, I can always hope for the best possible outcome in this case.

There’s no info about who might be playing the respective grooms to Hudson and Hathaway. So, I have a dream. It’s a dream I’m rather fond of, actually, and therefore it’s bound to lead to despair when it fails to materialize. Nonetheless, I shall cling to it in the hopes that one day my dreams will come true.

What’s my dream? The best possible outcome to this whole wedding-day competition is for the two best friends to dump the grooms and marry each other. Problem solved, wouldn’t you say?

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