“Star Trek” casting updates: Will Winona steal the show?


I know, everyone who writes

about this will use that line, but now it’s out of my system and I can

focus on the news: Winona Ryder is the latest addition to J.J. AbramsStar Trek


Ryder will play Amanda Grayson,

Spock’s mother. Although Ryder would make a gorgeous Vulcan, her character

is human — the one responsible for Spock’s seldom-seen emotional side.

Jane Wyatt
had the role in the original series and in Star Trek

IV: The Voyage Home

The weekend also brought confirmation that Jennifer Morrison, Dr.

Cameron from House, is in Trek.

Although her role hasn’t been

announced, speculation is that she will play Carol Marcus, Kirk’s

lover and mother of his child, David Marcus. (Even though William

doesn’t play Kirk in the movie, my mind went to an image

of Shatner and Morrison, and may I just say, “ew.”) Bibi

was the original Carol Marcus.

I completely missed reports last week that Rachel Nichols has joined

the Trek movie as well. Nichols, you’ll recall, was the very

hot Rachel Gibson in the last season of Alias. She’s currently starring in the

just-opened thriller P2.

Hercules at Ain’t It

Cool News thinks that Nichols will play Yeoman Janice Rand — an important character in the early days of Star Trek.

Since neither Morrison’s nor Nichols’ role has been announced, though, other sources speculate that Morrison will, in fact, play

Rand. IESB.net published pictures to confirm that opinion — here’s

Morrison as Dr. Cameron; Morrison as photographed on the Trek

set; and the original Janice Rand, played by Grace Lee Whitney.

Of course, other female roles

have yet to be cast, so Morrison and Nichols could be any of those as

well. Here’s a list of possible parts, according to trekmovie.com.

  • Number One (Captain

    Pike’s First Officer)
  • Carol Marcus
  • Ruth (another old

    flame of Kirk)
  • Nurse Christine

  • Yeoman Rand
  • Kirk’s mother
  • …or someone else


Whatever roles they play, when

you combine Morrison, Nichols, Ryder and the previously cast Zoë Saldana, you get enough

hotness to melt the screen. And plenty of reasons to be in the theater

next December, when the new Star Trek film premieres.

Meanwhile, this week you may

have a chance to see some vintage Star Trek in your local movie

theater. Fathom Events will beam two famous episodes of

Star Trek: The Original Series to theaters nationwide this Tuesday and Thursday (Nov. 13 and 15). Parts 1 and 2 of “The Menagerie” have been digitally re-mastered in

HD with surround sound and feature a greeting from Gene Roddenberry‘s

son, Rod, plus a behind-the-scenes peek at how the episodes were digitized

from the original negatives. Is that cool or what? To find the showing

closest to you, see the complete list here.

Oh, and if the mention of Ryder

reminds you, as it does me, of her Friends episode, “The

One With Rachel’s Big Kiss,” you can see Winona and Jennifer play

lesbian this Wednesday night on the CW (check your local listings). Or if you just want to cut to the chase, here’s the best part:



What do you think of these

new casting developments for Star Trek? Any thoughts on what

parts Morrison and Nichols should play? In the movie, I mean. No need

to share those other role-playing thoughts.

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