Déjà vu all poster again


The other day I was perusing
new movie posters when I came across the first one-sheet for the upcoming

Katherine Heigl film 27 Dresses. Writing in lieu of her body;
that’s kind of clever. But then I thought, hey, haven’t I seen that
somewhere else recently? And voila: the new poster for The Women.

Since everything old is
new again, I thought I’d dig a little deeper. And voila, again. Take
a look at the German poster for the 1955 Marilyn Monroe
classic The Seven Year Itch. Gee, if I someone had
only told me that words made such good clothing, I could have stopped
going to the mall years ago.

Here’s a look at some other poster-alikes
by category.

The Rip-Offs

Talk to Her
(2002) and Notes on a Scandal
(2006): I think someone is a not-so-secret Pedro Almodóvar


Double Jeopardy
(1999) and Abandon (2002): Nothing says “my husband/boyfriend
isn’t really dead/missing” like a faux knife/shaft of light. Oh, and
dramatic lighting, of course.

The Homages

Casablanca (1942)
and The Good German (2006): The filmmakers intentionally
copied the Bogart and Bergman classic. Well, at least the poster looked
good even if the movie bombed.

Chinatown (1974)
and Death Defying Acts
(2007): It’s all there, down to the lady in smoke. Fine, so Jack Nicholson
wasn’t shirtless in the original, but I happen to think that’s a
good thing. A very good thing.

The Accidents

The Squid and the Whale
(2005) and Dedication (2007): Someone likes to doodle.

Titanic (1997)
and Brokeback Mountain

(2005): OK, stick with me here. Take a look at the composition of both
and tell me that Jake and Heath aren’t getting their “I’m the
king of the world!” on a bit.

Seeing double with some other
movie posters? Post ‘em in the comments.

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