“Grease” may be the word, but let’s hope not


Here’s the rumor floating all
over the entertainment blogosphere: Michelle Pfeiffer

has been approached to participate in a remake of Grease.

I have not found any credible
information confirming that a Grease remake is in the works;
all of the references seem to be based on the same quote, and it’s not
entirely clear what the original source is. (It might be this, but I’m not completely certain.)
Ergo, I feel a little sleazy spreading the rumor based on so little.
But, apparently, I will anyway. Here’s the quote in question:

"It’s a great idea and
I hear they would like to get Jessica Simpson for the role of Sandy,
she would be good. I would love to play the school principal. She is
fun and has some great put-down lines. I think I would like the part
now that I have been asked."

I’m hoping this is not true
for a number of reasons. First, this quote makes her sound stupid, and
I prefer not to view Michelle Pfeiffer as stupid. Actually, it sort
of makes her sound translated — as if the original quote was not in
English. (Assuming that this quote is not fabricated, I’m hoping it’s
some paraphrased throwaway aside from a Stardust
press thing.)

Second, remaking
seems like a bad idea.

is the highest grossing
movie musical ever
and it followed only Star Wars and Jaws in 1970s box-office totals. The movie was a phenomenon. Although I personally prefer
the music from the original stage production, I accept that the movie utterly eclipsed
the Broadway show. So what could possibly be gained by remaking it?
(The stage remakes, BTW, have been lousy.) And Jessica Simpson?
She was well cast as Daisy Duke, but I’m not sure about Sandy. (Which,
actually, raises the question of whether they’d revert to the original
last name of Dumbrowski if the actress playing Sandy were not Australian.

Assuming that there is any
truth to this rumor, it seems that Pfeiffer would be taking over the
Eve Arden
role of Principal McGee.

We know that Michelle Pfeiffer
can sing — not that Principal McGee has any songs that I can recall.
Recently, Pfeiffer played Velma von Tussle in Hairspray.

And, of course, she sang her
heart out as Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2.

And we know she can dance.
I’m sure that to this day, she still breaks into the “Cool Rider” choreography
around the house.

Frankly, this is the biggest
reason to doubt the accuracy of the Grease rumor. A remake would
focus a lot of attention on Grease 2, a movie Pfeiffer seems to regret. She allegedly says,

"I hated that film with
a vengeance and could not believe how bad it was. At the time I was
young and didn’t know any better … I hear it’s a cult movie now."

(For the record, I love the
movie. When I had the opportunity to see it on the big screen a few
years ago, it was a very happy day in my life.)

Has anyone heard anything credible
about this project? Regardless, do you have any opinions about it?

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