Angela Bassett and Edie Falco together again in “Nothing but the Truth”


I just read that Angela Bassett has joined the cast
of Nothing but the Truth
a political drama loosely based on the Valerie Plame scandal.

Bassett is busy these days.
According to, she has two movies (Gospel Hill
and Of Boys and Men) in post-production, two (Truth
and Meet the Browns) currently filming, and one (Toussaint)
in pre-production. And I couldn’t be happier. As Siege noted recently on
the blog, smart
women are hot — and Yalie Angela Bassett is both very smart and very
hot. I first noticed her as Katherine Jackson in The Jacksons: An
American Dream
, which used to play on VH1 every 20 minutes or so.
And I kept noticing her as her career took off.

Nothing but the Truth
sounds worth seeing even without Bassett — although it might feel a
little too “ripped from the headlines.” Written and directed by
Rod Lurie (The Contender), the movie focuses on a reporter
(Kate Beckinsale) who is jailed for outing a CIA agent.
In a nice bit of optimistic casting, Bassett plays the editor-in-chief
of the Washington D.C. newspaper
for which Beckinsale writes. How many real-life major-market newspapers
are helmed by African-American women? And the ensemble cast is
pretty impressive, as well. The men include Noah Wylie as the
attorney representing Beckinsale, and Alan Alda, David Schwimmer

and Matt Dillon (my childhood love) in unspecified roles. I wonder
if one of them is a fictionalized Karl Rove or Scooter Libby.

The casting that has me most
excited, apart from Angela Bassett, is Edie Falco.

She’s another one who can pretty
much do no wrong in my book. I would probably pay money to watch her
read from the phone book. And I loved seeing both Falco and Bassett in

Sunshine State, so I’ll happily see them in another movie together.

And then there’s Vera Farmiga.

I’ve never actually seen her
in anything, but she’s pretty. And I heard she was good in The Departed.

And, of course, there’s Kate

(I suspect she won’t have a
gun quite this big.)

She’s the one who makes me
nervous. I’ve liked movies that she’s been in, but I don’t know that
I can say I’ve ever liked her in a movie. And I’ve definitely not
liked her a few movies. (Serendipity
was unwatchable.) She did, however, get to kiss Frances McDormand
in Laurel Canyon.

So I kind of want to be her
— at least for a little while back in 2002.

Regardless, I’m cautiously
optimistic and looking forward to this movie next year. Has anyone heard
anything more about it?

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