Julia Stiles signs up to be stalked


When is Julia Stiles finally

going to become a superstar?

I mean, the woman is gorgeous,

smart and talented. And when she speaks, that low, sexy voice makes

me wish she were speaking to me. Saying things I would never repeat

in polite company.

I first noticed Stiles in Mona Lisa Smile, in which she played Joan, the bright

pre-law student who believed she could have either a family or a career,

not both. (Stiles shared her take on the

in an article

for The Guardian.)

The film should have been better

than it was, but, as a sucker for sap, I enjoyed it. More importantly,

I got what I thought was a glimpse of greatness in Stiles’ performance.

Being a good fan, I went to

see her next movie, The Prince & Me, the weekend it opened — two hours of my life I can never get back. Julia, Julia — what were

you thinking?

Whatever possessed her to do

was still at work several years later when she did The

. The fact that this remake was released at all proves that


curse of The Omen

is true.

I had a spark of hope when

I read Dorothy Snarker’s

earlier this

year about Stiles’ directorial debut, Raving, with Zooey Deschanel,

but if it’s been released, it hasn’t been to my neck of the woods.

If Stiles has the chops to

succeed, we’ll see her brilliance in The Bell Jar. And now comes word of another promising

project, as Stiles has signed to star in Cry of the Owl as a woman

who falls in love with her stalker. A French adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel

was mediocre at best, so perhaps this will be a rare instance of a remake

that improves on the original. And perhaps this will be the breakthrough

role that brings Stiles the recognition I still think she deserves.

Do you acknowledge the greatness

of Julia Stiles? What role are you looking forward to? Has anyone seen

? Can Stiles overcome bad film choices with a breakthrough

performance? And will you ever forgive her for The Prince & Me?

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