“Land of the Lost” update: 50 Sleestaks but no Kirsten Dunst


Last spring, Karman reported that the internet was abuzz with rumors
that Robert Rodriguez would direct Kirsten Dunst, Jack
and Will Ferrell in a feature film version of Land
of the Lost

Well, it’s now official. A 100-million-dollar feature-length
Land of the Lost
has been green-lighted for release in March. But
it seems that the early rumor mill was not particularly accurate.
Brad Silberling
, not Robert Rodriguez, will direct. (I guess the
failure of Grindhouse has its consequences.) There’s also no
mention of Kirsten Dunst or Jack Black’s involvement. Will Ferrell,
however, is definitely set to star in the movie. But not in the role
originally reported. So we’re pretty much starting from scratch here.

Let’s revisit the original
for a moment, shall we, to better explore how it’s changing.

The 1970s kids show featured Spencer Milligan,
(he went by just the one name) and Kathleen Coleman

as “Marshall, Will and Holly,” who lost their way during a “routine
expedition” and found themselves in the Land of the Lost. You may
have seen it before, but here’s the original opening.


Click here to see the Season 3 opening (after
dad left and Uncle Jack miraculously found them.)

This land was full of dinosaurs,
including Grumpy the T-Rex and Dopey the baby Brontosaurus.

The other dinosaurs were not
named for dwarfs.

There were also the ape-like
Paku. Chaka (who was ranked the 7th most deranged sidekick of all time by Cracked.com) was the
young friendly one.

Then there were the reptilian

And they all ate giant fruit.

So you get the idea.

The movie, however, is changing
the premise. The new story is about “a disgraced paleontologist,
his assistant and a macho tour guide who find themselves in a strange
world inhabited by dinosaurs, monkey people and reptilian Sleestaks.”
So the reptiles and humanoids are essentially the same, but the principals
have changed.

It seems that Sid &
Marty Krofft
are involved with the project and are pleased with the

“’If the strike is coming,
we got a script and we’re ready,’ said Marty Krofft, who praised the
writers for nailing it. ‘What they did is keep the integrity of the
show, but they made it very funny for Will. The adventure is all there.
There are going to be 50 Sleestaks!’”

I wonder how much of the $100,000,000
will go to creating 50 Sleestaks.

The question I keep asking
is … Why? It’s like with the Goonies sequel; when a movie or TV show for kids
is revisited 20 or 30 years later, who’s it for?

As part of the original
Land of the Lost
demographic (it was great when I was seven), I’m
a little mystified. I’m a little nostalgic about the show, but watching
a few minutes of it cures that pretty quickly. The idea of watching
Will Ferrell star in a re-imagined version of this — with CGI dinosaurs,
I suspect — is less than inspiring. Of course, Will Ferrell has a built-in audience, and kids love dinosaurs, but why make it Land of the
if that brand doesn’t mean anything to the audience? These
are the questions I ponder.

I hope, at least, that the
original cast members get cameos. I’d like to see Wesley sing again.



Is nostalgia or Will Ferrell
enough for you? Would you see this movie?

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