“Tin Man” trailer: What’s your take?


Over the summer, Dorothy Snarker brought us details

about the Sci Fi Channel’s upcoming Oz miniseries, Tin Man (make that O.Z. miniseries — in this update,

it’s the “Outer Zone”). I was not alone in being torn between my adoration of star Zooey Deschanel and my reluctance to see yet another

mucked-up remake, but with a decent teaser and the added bonus of

Alan Cumming, Deschanel was in the lead.

A couple of months later and there’s now an extended trailer (after the jump),

cast interviews and a

behind-the-scenes video, so not only are a few questions answered (the Tin Man is

indeed trapped in a tin shell before D.G. and company help him out; the wizard is behind a curtain — of drugs), but we can all make a more informed decision about

whether or not it will be worth our time. (Thanks to Buzzsugar.com for the tip.)


My vote is a yes. Certainly there are painful things — in particular the awkward, “A road is what we’re looking for, a brick route?” — but there are many things

far less painful, like the prospect of Deschanel on a motorcycle, a literally split-second scene with distinctly lesbionic overtones (or maybe I’m just dreaming?), and

a gorgeous pair of witches.

The dialogue does seem a bit clunky, and Cumming’s easily got the best line so far: “I’m not saying they call me twinkle toes or anything, but I cut quite a rug.”

Wouldn’t be that amusing if his onscreen wife in the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma

says things just like that constantly. (“Well, I am dotingly fond of music, and my friends say I’m not entirely devoid of taste!”) But

overall the visuals look quite nice, and I’m intrigued by the political overtones (more obvious in the

behind-the-scenes clip than in the trailer).

Deschanel talks about her character as a “hero,” and while that’s a great thing, I’m more distracted by her claim that the original Wizard of Oz made

her want to be an actress when she was “really, really tiny.” How adorable would a baby Zooey be?

All grown up she may be no Ripley, but I think she’ll do well as D.G.

What do you think, readers? Still sacrilege, or is the trailer keeping (or getting) your attention?

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