Ali Larter: Straight girls need U-Hauls too


Ali Larter, lately known for her Resident Evil: Extinction success, as well as her role on an obscure television show you may have heard of (let’s call it Heroes), is featured in the October issue of that highly esteemed home of journalistic integrity, Cosmopolitan.

In the interview, Larter notes, “I told my boyfriend after three weeks that I wanted to marry him and that we could do it tomorrow.” Well, I for one enjoy knowing that Larter is more or less living the heterosexual version of the age-old lesbian stereotype (or tradition, depending on who you ask). It’s about as close to her being gay as I think we’re going to get, which is unfortunate, because, well:

Larter also get bonus points for her approach to diet and exercise (balance and moderation, according to the Cosmo article) and her involvement with the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

MIA from last night’s episode of Heroes, Niki/Jessica will make their (her?) season 2 debut on next week’s episode. Spoilers for Resident Evil: Extinction coming up!

Other good news for Larter fans and fans of ass-kicking women in general: There are rumblings and murmurs about Larter possibly starring in a potential Resident Evil 4, which would center on her character, Claire Redfield.

Here’s a clip of Ali in Resident Evil: Extinction. A little warning — you might want to turn your speakers down a bit, unless you’re into loud bird screeching:



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