Zoë Saldana to bravely go where Nichols has gone before


Or is that after? However the time sequence works for prequels, Miss Cleo‘s

got some sudden competition in the lesbian psychic department. Last month, Zoë Saldana was my

first pick to play young Lieutenant Uhura in the upcoming Star Trek Jr.,

and now Variety reports that Saldana has actually signed on

to the J.J. Abrams production in the very role originated by Nichelle Nichols. Cheers!

If only my predictions that young Uhura’s “tomboy-ish” qualities are actually lesbian-ish would turn out to be as accurate — but I suppose Miss Cleo would say that there’s a difference between foretelling and flat-out dreaming.

Fantasies of intergalactic gal pals aside, I’m excited about this news. Saldana is fun to watch; it was for her (okay, and a little for Bernie Mac) that I tolerated Ashton Kutcher in Guess Who. Here’s hoping that the new Star Trek will be less, well, predictable. Between her part as a Trekkie in The Terminal and her role in James Cameron‘s

upcoming genre film Avatar, Saldana should be prepared;

TrekMovie.com already did a work-up of her in a Star Fleet uniform, and it looks like it’ll work quite well.

So, Trekkies and Saldana fans, any thoughts on the news? Another dream, but maybe if we all collectively concentrate on the idea, Abrams will create a role that has real substance to it. That would be just as surprising and even more welcome than this casting news.

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