Renee O’Connor, Vegas showgirl


There are only so many times a girl can watch her Xena: Warrior Princess DVDs. Well, theoretically, there’s a limit. I wouldn’t know. But if you’ve been hoping for something new from Renee O’Connor, there’s some good news — the DVD of her new film, a romantic comedy called Diamonds and Guns, was released this week.

When I talked to Renee at the Xena convention in January, she described the film, which she produced and stars in, as a female friendship flick about two women who go to Las Vegas thinking they’re auditioning for the Broadway show Cats. Turns out it’s actually a strip show called Kittens. Ooops. One of the women, played by New Zealand’s Helena Beaven, needs to get married to stay in the country, and ties the knot with a mobster’s son. Unfortunately, his family had other plans for him, and instead of a quickie divorce decides to opt for an even quicker execution.

Renee said her character spends pretty much the entire film either high on valium or sick with food poisoning. And a quick look at the official website suggests she also finds time to put on feathers and high heels.

Renee sadly affirmed at the Xena convention that there is no lesbian content in the movie, but then she brightened and said, “They’re really good friends, though.” I’ll take it. Of course, I’ll take anything if it comes with Renee O’Connor included. If you will, too, then go order the DVD. Do it soon and you’ll get a copy autographed by Renee herself. That means she’ll have touched it.

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