Lesbian movie props – which ones do you covet?


Since this is a long weekend, it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect
on what’s truly important in life – movie props.

Earlier this week, a Pop Candy reader came
up with
a discussion idea that Whitney posted on the site: what movie props
would you most love to own? As usual, my mind took the question and applied
it to me-me-me and I started thinking about cool props from lesbian (or lesbianish)
movies. The first one I thought of is probably the most obvious.

But, actually, I think I’d rather have this.

Then I had to stop thinking about Mulholland
because I got a headache.

I broadened the category to include TV because of the one prop I’ve always
coveted: Gabrielle’s scroll from Xena.

But what fun would this be without asking the rest of AfterEllen.com to play?
So, be thinking about your list while I share more of mine.

Leaves of Grass from The Incredibly
True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
. I used to read poetry to girlfriends,
too. Maybe if I still did, I wouldn’t be single. Hmm.

A page of the Rambaldi artifact from Alias. I miss you, Syd.

The basketball from Late
Not many lesbians seem to know about this movie, even though it was a Sundance
favorite when it came out. Let’s just say it gives a whole new meaning to the
term “one-on-one.”

The honey pot jar from Fried
Green Tomatoes

Frida’s eyebrow.

OK, my friends, it’s your turn. Give us some props. (Sorry.)

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