Susan Sarandon celebrates 31 years of “The Hunger”


Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve starred in the 1983 new wave vampire film The Hunger, which was famous for the women’s romantic relationship and super hot sex scene. Last week, Susan attended a screening the movie on its 31st anniversary at the Museum of Modern Art’s Celeste Bartos Theatre in New York City.

Before the film showed, she spoke about how her mother had received hate mail about the Sapphic scene: “At least two people there thought it was pretty upsetting.” But Susan thinks it’s interesting how times have changed:

“It was so edgy at that time,” she said. “Now, it’s nothing, right? I thought, ‘Wow, if you’re gonna be in bed with a woman, how fabulous that the first woman you’re with is Catherine Deneuve?’ Originally, in the script, [Deneuve] was drunk [during the sex scene]. But I said, ‘Isn’t it much more interesting if they choose to be together? Do you really have to be drunk to go to bed with another woman?’ So we changed that. For me, the most interesting part [of a sex scene] is how you get into it.”



Have you watched The Hunger yet this Halloween season? It truly is a classic.

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