She Made Me Watch This!: “Love on the Side” and the 6 Gayest Non-Gay Teen Movies


Lori and I are back with another weekly video blog, and this time we have a

name for it: “She Made Me Watch It!”, which was the most popular of

the 110 suggestions you all made last

week (“Lori doesn’t listen, and Sarah doesn’t care” was a close second :). Thanks for the assist!

We’ve decided to break up the video blog into segments moving forward, to make

it easier for you to watch us ramble on only about the topics you’re interested

in. So here goes…

Review of Love On the Side (2004)

First up, a review of the new-ish lesbian movie you’ve probably never

heard of, Love

on the Side
(aka Deluxe Combo Platter), starring Marla

(The Practice), Jennifer Tilly (Bound)

and Monika Schnarre (Beastmaster). In this romantic

comedy, all the guys fall over the hot new woman in town, Linda (Schnarre),

who is secretly gay and only interested in Eve (Sokoloff), a waitress pining

for a local guy who only has eyes for Linda, etc. Does Linda get the girl? Does

Eve wear sensible shoes? Does Jennifer Tilly deliver another over-the-top performance?

Watch it and find out! (But don’t worry, we don’t spoil the ending.)

Here’s the DVD

cover for the movie (the lesbian is the blonde in front):

See our review here:

The 6 Gayest Non-Gay Teen Movies

Our list of the top six teen movies featuring straight girls that in

any other universe would be gay (yeah, we’re talking ’bout you, Mean Girls

Janis Ian!).

Discuss! (and watch our prevous video blogs here)

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