Five reasons to watch “Reno 911!: Miami”


Comedy Central’s hilarious parody of Cops made its way to the big screen earlier this year, and this week it’s available in an “uncensored” version on DVD. In the movie, the officers of the Reno Sheriff’s Department board a bus (they can’t afford plane tickets) to go to Miami for the American Police Convention. Due to an unexpected mix-up, the officers aren’t registered at the convention, so they’re forced to seek out accommodations elsewhere.

Dep. Wiegel, Dep. Williams, Dep. Garcia, Lt. Dangle, Dep. Junior, Dep. Kimball and Dep. Johnson

But their inept attempt at registration is actually a boon (of sorts) for Miami, because the convention is struck by a bioterrorism attack from an unidentified toxin. Approximately 2,000 police officers are quarantined in the convention center until an antidote can be found, and the only cops outside the convention center are the goofballs from Reno, who are sent out to patrol the streets of Miami Beach to prevent chaos from erupting across the city.

I admit I kinda love this kooky, campy show, so in an attempt to convert more of you to the trashtastic antics of the Reno sheriff’s department, here are five reasons you should put this DVD on your Netflix queue.

1. According to Lt. Jim Dangle, “This city’s got hot Latin flavor up to its nuts.” This means that hot girls are shown whenever possible, sauntering across the screen for no reason whatsoever. Oh yeah, and there’s jello wrestling.

2. Deputy Cheresha Kimball‘s low-key closeted lesbianism is the perfect counterpoint to Lt. Jim Dangle’s out flamboyance. Just when you think she actually might be straight, you see her arm-wrestling butches at a nightclub.

Dep. Wiegel, Dep. Junior and Lt. Dangle

3. Lt. Jim Dangle is a “law enforcement cheetah.” In Reno 911!: Miami, he explains his rationale behind his short shorts: “I feel like I bring a real joie de vivre to law enforcement. For example, my uniform: I don’t wear the regulation uniform; I wear these, uh, shorts. And I actually had to lobby the sheriff’s department to get to wear these. But my argument was, hey, I’m out there in the streets. I’ve gotta be able to move like a cheetah, you know, a law enforcement cheetah.”

4. Deputy Raineesha Williams‘ bodacious behind. Really, you just have to see it to believe it.

5. All the DVD extras, including commentary from the officers, extended scenes (especially the extended “love scene” between Dangle and Deputy Trudy Wiegel, who has a longstanding and unrequited crush on him) and fake public service announcements from the Reno Sheriff’s Department. Settle in with some Bud Light and mac and cheese, ’cause that commentary just might be even funnier than the movie itself.

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