The Huddle: Our Votes for the Best Lesbian Movie


You may have noticed that we launched a poll to find out The Best Lesbian/Bi Movie Ever, and we so rudely asked that you vote for just one. We know how hard that can be, which is why we are giving you are ultimate number one pick, and our reasonings. Can we sway you? Can you sway us?

Dara Nai: For my money, the reigning champ is still Bound. Corky and Violet spend more time plotting than processing, have hot, graphic sex, and in their particular love triangle, the only one who dies is the boyfriend. Any movie where the girl gets the girl, the money and a new truck is my kind of flick. The End.

Ali Davis: I can’t help it. I love Bound. Mostly for reasons that are spoilers, but Gina Gershon is great and she and Ms. Tilly as pair have some serious chemistry, and I love the new noir story. My floppy-banged LGBT rebel is always going to be the girl with the labrys tattoo.

Bridget McManus: My pick is If These Walls Could Talk Two. This lesbian cinematic history lesson is funny, sexy, heartfelt and heartbreaking and has a star-studded cast including Ellen Degeneres, Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Williams, Natasha Lyonne, Nia Long and Vanessa Redgrave. What more could a lady loving lady want? This movie should not only win the title of best lesbian film of all time but it should also run for President.

The Linster: I’m going against the tide on this one — although it may be because I’m an itsy-bitsy-teensy bit older than the other AE blogger kids. My number one is The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love. It was the first lesbian movie I saw that wasn’t poorly produced, poorly written, or all of the above. And it was the first time I saw a lesbian story onscreen that I could relate to. I smile just thinking about it. Plus, I love the fact that Laurel Holloman was crush-worthy as Randy and grew up to be even more so as Tina.

Dorothy Snarker: Imagine Me and You. Easy. Hand down. No damn contest. Sure, there are other very good and even great lesbian movies. When Night is Falling. All Over Me. But this movie will always be No. 1 (with all due respect to that wanker, No. 9) in my heart. Why? Because no other movie generates such an instant smile. No other movie guarantees such warm fuzzy feelings. No other movie has Lena Headey as the world’s dreamiest florist. No other movie is the complete opposite of a wanker. It’s simple and romantic and just so damn lovely. I dare you to not love it.

Heather Hogan: I’m going to echo Snarker. Imagine Me and You is Jerry Maguire for lesbians. “You’re a wanker, number nine!” is the gay girl’s “You had me at hello.” Lots of people say Imagine Me & You should have gone deeper, pushed further, that it shouldn’t have given itself over to rom-com tropes. But I think the exact opposite thing is true. I mean, it’s a mainstream romantic comedy produced by a big name Hollywood studio, and in the end, the girl gets the girl. No lesbians die. No lesbians reveal themselves as psychopaths. No lesbians cheat and get pregnant with their male lover’s baby. In terms of lesbian cinema, it’s the opposite of cliche. It’s a lesbian rom-com made like every other straight rom-com, and that’s what makes it so unique. It’s like this movie whispers in my ear, “Don’t forget me.” And I choke out, “I won’t remember anything else.”

Lucy Hallowell: So everyone has already picked my favorite Imagine Me and You but I don’t care, I won’t be deterred. I am allergic to lilies. If I sit in a room with them I get a headache and feel sick as a dog. But when Luce tells Rachel that the lily means “I dare you to love me” with that shy smile peeking out from behind every reservation she has about letting this straight girl know just how deeply in love she is I almost wish someone would send me those evil, evil flowers.

The other moment that stands out for me is the moment that Rachel learns that Luce is gay. Until that moment Rachel’s crush on Luce was safe and contained within the walls of supposed impossibility. But when Hec says that Luce is, in fact, gay you can see Rachel start to lose control as her mind races to try to crush the hope that instantly begins feeding her already barely controlled feelings for Luce. It’s a moment that rings true because the only thing scarier than falling in love with another woman is realizing that just maybe she might love you back.

Mia Jones: My pick would be Imagine Me and You, thanks to the hotness of Lena and Piper, but I’ll throw another name into the ring and say When Night is Falling. There are hot ladies and a circus involved so it’s hard to pass up because you know there are some awesome acrobatics taking place in the bedroom and not just during the aerial acts!

Punky Starshine: As much as I love and adore Imagine Me and You for all the reasons mentioned, my vote has to go to Lost and Delirious. No matter how many times I watch that movie, it breaks me all over again, and I end up sobbing hysterically in the fetal position. This movie has two very different main themes, and I think most people can relate to at least one: a love you’re ashamed of and a love you’re consumed by. I think it’s beautifully written, and any movie that can affect me that much every single time I watch is a winner in my book. Plus, Piper Perabo. Need I say more?

Dana Piccoli: I’m going with a wild card. The pretty new, and pretty spectacular Swedish movie, Kyss Mig. The combination of the stellar ensemble (in particular, the two leads), gorgeous cinematography, engaging and well-written story, and just a little bit a Swedish angst make this my new favorite lesbian movie/love story. I caught it at this year’s Newfest and it’s been on my mind ever since. It’s finally available now in the U.S. through Wolfe in both On Demand and DVD. It will give you a lot of feels and hey, it has a happy ending. How about that!

Elaine Atwell: My vote goes to Joe + Belle, the story of a sociopath and a drug dealer on the run from the law in war-torn Israel. The film takes these unlikely elements and a minuscule budget and manages to be not just darkly hilarious, but genuinely sweet. Also, like all my favorite films, it features a surprise musical number.

Karman Kregloe: Pariah is my pick. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Dee Rees‘s movie sprout up from a wee short that blew everyone away at festivals and become a Oscar buzz-garnering feature-length film packed with powerful, unforgettable performances. The film depicted the too rarely seen coming out experience of a young black lesbian, put star Adepero Oduye on the map, and showed everyone that Kim Wayans is both a dramatic and comedic genius.

Emily Hartl: Without question, my root, But I’m A Cheerleader. I can watch it forever.

Trish Bendix: I’m having a hard time deciding between High Art and Fucking Amal aka Show Me Love. They’re so different from one another that it’s hard to pit them against one another. One is about a woman in a straight relationship who becomes intrigued by her drug-addled lesbian neighbor, while the other is about young love. Both are well-written with such intensely perfect cinematography; both are full of angst and have rad soundtracks. They even came out the same year! But because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess I’ll go with the tragedy that is High Art. Rom coms aren’t my style.

What film got your vote in our poll?

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