The Weekly Geek: “Fraggle Rock” on Film


If you were a child (or had a child) in the ’80s and you watched TV, chances are you enjoyed the magical, adorable show Fraggle Rock. A Jim Henson joint featuring a slew of funky creatures who lived underground (and made awesome music), it was at once as cute as — and even more subversive than — The Muppet Show or Muppets Tonight. Really, the show was about peace, love and understanding, and anything featuring colorful puppets having a rad time was OK by me at the time.

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Well, good news, babies of the ’80s (and moms of said babies)! Fraggle Rock will soon be getting a film adaptation. According to a post at MTV Geek:

Rango scribes Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugia have been hired to bring Jim Henson’s subterranean rockstar series Fraggle Rock to cinemas. Fraggle Rock is certainly following in the felt footsteps of fellow Henson creations The Muppets which were successfully returned to theaters and hearts in last year’s incredibly charming The Muppets.

If there’s anything we need in this cinematic atmosphere, its more The Muppets-esque humor, warmth, and geeky self-knowledge. Don’t get me wrong: I love dark and twisty tales and the new mini-trend of young female warrior/badasses (evidenced by The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman) is the best thing to happen to popular movies in a long, long time. I’m simply advocating for cute and positive once in awhile, and a Fraggle Rock flick could be just what we all need for a balanced cinematic diet.

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It’s still a long ways off, as naming a writing team is an early step in the process, but it’s a very good sign. I can’t wait to return to the caves of Fraggle Rock.

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