“Hot Cops” and other lesbian buddy comedies we’d like to see


Best movie idea ever? These two:

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As buddy cops.

And if the idea of Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock together isn’t enough, try this: It’s the latest project from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, with a screenplay by Parks and Recreation writer and co-showrunner Kate Dippold.

I am so there.

The untitled movie features Bullock as an FBI agent forced to work with an unconventional Boston PD officer played my McCarthy to capture a Russian mobster. Sure, the “by the book” law enforcer uncomfortably partnered with a loose canon is hardly new territory, but having two women as the cops gives the trope a whole new twist.

That got us to thinking of other women who need to buddy up. For a movie, I mean. Here are a few ideas. (Please forgive the unskilled photo manipulation. Our resident Photoshop pro is busy writing other things for you!)

Ellen and Portia DeGeneres

Really, can you think of a happier pair of for a movie than our favorite couple? Whether they’re good girls or bad, they can laugh their way through the day and when their funny business is done, they can dance the night away. Amirite, ladies?

Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera

Heather has already provided a few script ideas for what will no doubt be a series of movies. But the first has to focus on getting rid of the punks who give our girls a hard time. Clean up your acts, folks, or you’ll never see graduation day.

Jennifer Beals and Heather Peace

Let your imaginations go wild, friends. Hot cops are hot.

Your turn. Are you excited about the Bullock/McCarthy pairing? What women would you like to see in future female buddy flicks?

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