New photos give us a peek at “Passion”


The steamy new film Passion, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, set up a Facebook page this week with photos that will make you wish it was 2013 already.

The film, which Trish told us about a few weeks ago, is Brian De Palma‘s remake of the French erotic thriller Love Crime. And from the look of these stills and behind-the-scenes shots, we’re in for a red-hot ride — with some tight lesbian turns.

Passion is the story of Christine (McAdams), a powerful executive in a multinational corporation who hires a naïve young assistant Isabelle (Rapace). Christine loves taking advantage of Isabelle’s inexperience, using her desire to please her boss as a way to seduce her into some very dangerous — and risqué — “games.”

When Christine takes an idea of Isabelle’s and passes it off as her own, however, she finds out that she’s greatly underestimated her protégé’s ambition and duplicity. The result is a deadly sexy power struggle and, in true De Palma fashion, murrr-derrrr.

Oh, and Regina George buck naked in the shower.

The trailer for Passion will be shown at Cannes this week and we’ll bring it to you as soon as it shows up online. Meanwhile, let us know what you think. Is Passion a must-see?

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