Morning Brew – Wednesday, December 22: Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray’s “Spartacus” love scene, lesbian David Lynch music video

Happy Hump Day!

The Village Voice‘s new issue is all about The Year in Film. One of the articles is “Girl on Girl Action Gets Screwed,” in which writer Melissa Anderson (a self-professed “tetchy dyke”) says that Lisa Cholodenko took all the joy out of lesbian sex on film, and the other lesbianish films of the year (Chloe, Black Swan) made their women look crazy. So lesbians, you choose: Sexless or crazed?

Director David Lynch has been making music and inviting fans to create music videos for each song. Los Angeles-based filmmaker David J. Dowling took on the song “I Know,” employing actresses Natalie Morales and Brit Morgan to love all over one another.

Billie Jean King penned a response to the passing of the DADT Repeal for The Huffington Post this week. She writes:

I was always taught to be honest and to live my life with integrity. And I have tried my best to live by those words each and every day, even though I too struggled at times with my own sexuality. But for thousands of men and women in our military, they have been forced to live a lie in a shame-based world. Living and working under those circumstances is not good and it just isn’t healthy.

And today, now that President Obama has signed the repeal into law, there should be less shame. Thank you, President.

Today on TV: Half & Half (TV One 5 p.m.), Melissa Etheridge on A Home For the Holidays (CBS 8 p.m.) and The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight). (Thanks Roni!)

Have an awesome day.