An interview with Hesta Prynn


Sometimes things in life unexpectedly end up lining up better than they would have if you had actually planned it. A few weeks ago, a trip I had scheduled to go to New York ended up coinciding with an opportunity to meet up with Hesta Prynn, the fiery-maned musician whose regular “party in a petite package” persona had recently been somewhat sidelined due to a serious hip injury.

We met up at a little cafe close to her apartment and while I came armed with my computer, she came armed with a pair of crutches which she spray painted black. It’s hard to look fierce with crutches but these black ones did the trick. We sat down and the former member of Northern State began to fill me in on the back story of her injury, her overwhelming love of RuPaul and the long list of great projects she’s been working on.

Hesta Prynn: Can I just start out by saying I love LOGO [’s parent company] so much? Carly, a producer over there is just so funny. I was in the car the other day reading her Twitter and I just kept retweeting everything she was saying so finally I was just like, “Saving myself time, go follow @Carlytron and pretend I retweeted everything she wrote.” So wait, were you friends with her before doing anything with Logo?

No, actually the order of events went like this: my old band, Northern State, went on NewNowNext, and it was Carly’s first day as a producer. She interviewed us and Robyn.

AE: Oh, my. I’d be like, I can quit now.

HP: That was her first day of work. Um, hi. That was like, two or three records ago for Robyn, it was a hot minute ago. I remember talking to Robyn in the green room and recommending a remixer to her because my band back then was going to Sweden all the time so we were talking about Swedish artists.

AE: They just breed pop stars over there.

HP: Totally. Cut to my interview with her at Bonaroo sometime later and I ask, “Why do you think the Swedes do pop so well?” and she has a full answer for it. I was like, “Why do you guys just do this so much better than us? What’s going on?” She had this amazing answer and I was like, “I love you.”

So fast forward to a party I DJed about a year and a half ago. Robyn and Carly were there and Carly was like, “Hi, I interviewed you like a year ago and I know you have a solo record and I’d love to have you on NewNowNext.” So I was like, great! I went in and did a day on NNN and we just had a really good time. It was so fun, we just hit it off so hardcore.

So I was just like, I love LOGO, I am the biggest RuPaul fan on earth and think RuPaul’s Drag Race is the most important show on television. My therapist agrees with me.

AE: It’s always good to have your therapist’s approval of your TV watching habits.

So I was explaining to Carly how much I love the channel and how my dad and I both love watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and since I have access to a lot of cool artists, I would love to do something with them. I had just been booked to play and DJ at Bonnaroo so they said “Cool.” So I booked all these interviews with The Strokes and Robyn and Scissor Sisters, and we did like a whole thing for NewNowNext. It was awesome, I really tried to do an A-plus job.

Back to RuPaul — that show has changed the world. If anything, I’d say it’s kind of rendered Top Model irrelevant.

AE: It’s pretty bad. I recapped this past season of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars. Things got uncomfortable.

HP: I would’ve loved that job, I’m just saying.

AE: No, but, it just wasn’t over-the-top enough. If it’s going to be a ridiculous show like that, give me some drama. I want Tyra to be wacked out of her mind. The weirdest, most over-the-top part of this season was just uncomfortable and that was when Tyra was shooting a piece for a short movie she was doing based on her book, Modelland, and in the scene she sucked Tyson Beckford’s thumb. It was creepy. 

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