Watch! Celebrate The Kills 10th anniversary this Saturday


This news should excite all of you Alison
fans out there: This Saturday, February 11, The Kills
will be celebrating their 10th anniversary by rocking out a special
performance with MTV Hive and you can watch it all streaming live right here in this very post!

For those of you unfamiliar with duo, you might actually recognize their songs “Black Balloon” and “Cheap and Cheerful” from two lesbian sexy time scenes on TV. The first, a slow and sexy jam was behind the Lana and Kalinda storage space episode; the second was during Thirteen’s hot and heavy bedroom business with a girl she picked up at a bar.

The Kills can best be
described as an intense, dark, sexually-charged experience sure to make
your toes curl with the grind of each bass lick. Take a test drive of
their song, “DNA.” if you don’t feel anything, you might want to go to
the emergency room to make sure your heart is still beating.

<paramname=”movie” value=””><paramname=”wmode” value=”window”><objecttype=”application/x-shockwave-flash”data=”” height=”40″ width=”250″><paramname=”wmode” value=”window”>DNAby The Kills on Grooveshark

The stream below won’t be live until 10:30 PM EST on Saturday, so
either set a reminder for yourself, or hope you’ll catch our reminder
on Twitter
just before it goes live.

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