Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Neverever, Kool Thing and more


Oh snap — it’s Wednesday and I’ve got some great recommendations for you, thanks in large part to other great readers of this lil’ column of
mine. Since I’m all about group hugs and spreading the word on great
music, I’ve been thinking it would be really nice for us lady-loving
music nerds to create a Twitter community hashtag devoted to giving
each other music recommendations and also be there to answer any music
questions you might have. Think of it as having a mini gay DJ in your
pocket! That alone sounds like a party and a half. Now, what I need
from you all are suggestions as to what our hash tag should be. I’m
making this a group vote and whoever comes up with the winning hashtag
will receive an autographed photo of my French bulldogs. Entries must
be short, sweet and rated PG.

On to some tuneage!

Kool Thing

Electronic, darkwave
From: Ireland/Australia but
currently residing in Germany
For Fans of: Lovers, Light
Asylum, Uh Huh Her, Telepathe, mixed multi-media, black on black, a
more electronic Warpaint, tattoos referencing science, literature or
simple black line drawings, Tilda
, anything Miranda July
touches, a less operatic Austra.
Bonus: I would like to thank
AfterEllen reader doIT for the
fantastic suggestion and also for sending me the (semi NSFW) music
video we featured in Morning Brew recently. The single, “Light Games,” which is also the title track of
their EP, is available for free download here.
That video gave me that feeling in my tummy that’s a mixture of dancing
unicorns and babies crawling on the ceiling a la Trainspotting.


Eleni Moraites

Singer-songwriter, acoustic folk
From: Champaign-Urbana, home of
the Fighting Illini and also where I was born!
For Fans of: Edie Carey, Cathi
Bruns, Doria Roberts, camping, sharing your feelings, adding religious
traditions to the formal traditions in order to celebrate the
matriarchs of a culture, Mich Fest, flowing skirts, looking at flowers
and/or gardening, homemade black bean burgers.
Bonus: Eleni is not only a
musician, she’s also an incredible advocate for children born with rare
skin diseases. All of the proceeds from the sale of her album, Fertile Ground,
go to Camp Discovery, a really great
place for these children to be surrounded by friendly faces and feel
comfortable in their own skin.
<paramname=”movie” value=””><paramname=”wmode” value=”window”><objecttype=”application/x-shockwave-flash”data=”” height=”40″ width=”400″><paramname=”wmode” value=”window”>FindOut As You Go by <ahref=”″title=”Eleni Moraites”>Eleni Moraites on Grooveshark



Dirty garage-pop, beach rock
From: California
For Fans of: Vivian Girls, Best
Coast, smoking Pall Malls, going as either The Fonz or Rizzo for Halloween on a regular
basis, anything that has “Shangri-La” in the title, antique shops, big
jewelry, little skirts, Captain Crunch cereal with chocolate milk,
Miller High Life, getting busy in the back seat of a car.
Bonus: I like a good Tumblr page and they’ve got one I could probably
get lost in for hours, particularly when the pictures of singer, Jihae Meek,
come up. Can I get an Austin Powers,
“Yeah, baby!” out there?

Charlene Soraia

She’s difficult to describe so I’ll say if she were a
tree her trunk would be made out of R&B and then she’d have
branches of jazz, folk and neo-soul
For Fans of:
La Havas, Birdy, paying attention to the backup singers at big name
shows and realizing they’ve got more swag than the headliner, Adele’s
“Right As Rain”, finger sandwiches, in some ways Dirty Vegas’s “Days Go
By,” cocktail dresses, To Kill a
Charlene is apparently a big doodler or cute
things. You can check out her doodles
at her website!

It’s been a crazy hectic day for me so unfortunately this is all I’ve
got time for. I’ll put this cute picture right here though so you don’t
feel like you’ve been cheated in any way. Now, start thinking of the
hash tag we should be using for our gay pocket DJ community and start
leaving them in the comments, message
, tweet
, send it to me on Facebook or, most preferably, drop your
suggestions off at my apartment on a list you have pinned to the
sweater of a baby teacup piglet that you wanted me to have for my very

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