Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Beth Jeans Houghton, Luisa Maita, Atari Teenage Riot and more!


My lovely readers, I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks since my last list of 10; things have been cray up in my world and unfortunately I just didn’t have the time. But I’m back and I’m excited to bring you at least a few artists you might enjoy today.

Beth Jeans Houghton


File Under: Neo-folk pop for an old soul
From: Newcastle
For Fans of: Peggy Sue, She Keeps Bees, Cat Power (Moon Pix especially), if Goldfrapp and Fleet Foxes got together, Mumford & Sons.
Bonus: This might not be a bonus for you, but for me, I like that one of her songs is named, “Dodecahedron”, because how often do you get to say that word in casual conversation? So, if you’re as excited about saying it as much as I am, here’s a download of “Dodecahedron” so you can say it whenever people ask you what you’re listening to.

Luisa Maita

File Under: Elegant bossa nova, seduction for your ears, folk pop
From: Brasil
For Fans of: Bebel Gilberto, Sabrina Malheiros, Seu Jorge, dancing with a partner, candles, bubble baths, poetry from Pablo Neruda, NPR.
Bonus: I found out about Luisa thanks to one of my favorite podcasts, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert – check out her episode here.

 Atari Teenage Riot

File Under: Electronic Hardcore, a music defibrillator, punk
From: Germany
For Fans of: Political and social justice, Nitzer Ebb, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Alec Empire (one of the founding members), Ec80r, not knowing if you should be dancing or if you’re having a heart attack, I’d even say if you’re a fan of Adult. you’d enjoy ATR.
Bonus: I have been chair thrashing to their song “Blood In My Eyes” for two days and now it is yours for free.


File Under: Boisterous Afro-folk that makes you want to join a parade march or sit outside watching the clouds go by
From: South Africa
For Fans of: Fanfarlo, Nouvelle Vague, the Ditty Bops, sunshine, the cup being half-full of frozen daiquiris.
Bonus: Their song, “Pot Belly”, is good for the soul and makes me laugh. It says, “Fat thighs, flabby arms, a pot belly still gives good lovin'”.


File Under: Groan metal, what I sounded like as a teenager whenever my parents asked me to do something I didn’t want to.
From: Japan
For Fans of: You know, it’s weird because they go from this bizarre kind of unintelligible yelling into this awesome Riot Grrrl punk stuff (listen especially to “Dellirium Daydream” which mostly kicks tons of ass!
Bonus: The group actually just had a new album come out yesterday so if you’re into them and don’t have it yet, this is great news for you.

Agnes Obel

File Under: Slightly dark, dreamy piano-driven indie-pop
From: Denmark
For Fans of: Bon Iver, Mirah, Feist, walking everywhere, sandals, Sonya Cotton, Sufjan Stevens, First Aid Kit, Julia Stone, looking out the window during your commute, songs so pretty they make you want to cry.
Bonus: Ok, for some reason I had thought I covered Agnes before but it was brought to my attention twice this week (by AE readers Nicole and Mori). I can’t believe I almost missed including her. To make up for this oversight, here’s a download of her song “Brother Sparrow“.

Coco Moon

File Under: Electropop with some 80’s flair and a mesmerizing vocalist
From: Denmark
For Fans of: Olivia Newton John, Jenny Lewis’s Acid Tongue album, The Cardigans, eating cereal for dinner (most likely one with marshmallows)
Bonus: HT to AE reader MummRa for the great suggestion! I think “DDR” is going to be played a lot in my household.


File Under: Filthy electronic sex (the good kind)
From: Germany
For Fans of: Chicks on Speed, Miss Kittin, Lesbians on Ecstasy, maybe even a little Fischerspooner, Peaches, making strangers’ eyebrows raise.
Bonus: Junksista is not only a gal pal, she’s also an AE reader! Her EP is coming out May 27th so be on the lookout!


Wallis Bird

File Under: Alterna-pop, singer/songwriter
From: Ireland
For Fans of: Vocals as central to your music, Missy Higgins, KT Tunstall, Daphne Willis’s album Because I Can, Edie Carey, coffee houses, hot chicks with guitars.
Bonus: HT to AE reader Natalie Loves Gayle for the rec – also, check out Wallis’s background picture on her myspace page – very hot. Oh, and she’s a gay lady too!

Desert Chang

File Under: Acoustic sweetness, alterna-folk
From: Taiwan
For Fans of: Music to take your headaches away, Alice Peacock, Rachel Haden, Jane Austen novels, lace, the countryside.
Bonus: HT to my pal Natalia for the recommendation! Apparently one of Desert’s songs was featured in a Taiwanese film called “Miao Miao”. I’m no translator but it seems like this means lesbians from all over love their cats.

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