Notes From The Road: Kaia Wilson and Jennifer O’Connor on tour (Day 5)


I’m lying in my own bed right now, (a tour blessing) after a stop playing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken last night. Last time I wrote, I was telling you all about our Boston adventures and since then so much has happened!

Friday morning before leaving Boston, Kaia an I visited the MIT radio station to play live on the air on Jon Bernhardt‘s fabulous radio program Breakfast of Champions. You can check out the archive of our performance here. (We start our live set at about 1:08). You can also hear us say the words “dick”, “douche” and “dumbhead” in rapid succession in our early morning, not-having-had-enough-sleep delirium. Also the concept of “Night Kale” as an after show party spirit was introduced. It’s pretty entertaining.

Next, we drove to Northampton where we stayed out in the beautiful countryside at the Institute of Musical Arts. IMA is a great non-profit organization run by Ann Hackler and June Millington that produces rock summer camps for girls, concerts, workshops and a bevy of other really amazing events.

Our show at The Flywheel that night was fun and fueled by some delicious vegan pad thai that Jeremy (who books the venue) made for us! Kaia’s set was fantasticly nutty (and pretty), as usual, and she played another Sinead cover — this time it was “Just Like U Said It Would B.” We also started writing our new hit single “Night Kale” while onstage. It’s going to be epic.

On Saturday, we trekked all the way up to Winooski, Vermont — which is essentially Burlington, Vermont — to play at the Monkey House. A couple of very nice ladies drove down all the way from OTTAWA to see the show. Here’s a photo of me with a stuffed giraffe owned by one of them!

For more info on Jennifer, check out her official website.

Then, in true rock star tour fashion, we drove after the show for three hours in the rain to Brattlboro to get a jump start on our trip back to NYC. OK, Kaia did the driving because I don’t like to drive at night or in the rain. But I helped by singing loudly along to the Amy Ray live CD we listened to on the drive.

After a great night’s sleep at the Motel 6 in Brattleboro, we got coffee and visited the totally awesome Brattleboro Co-Op where I purchased an enormous vat of maple syrup for my girlfriend, because I am a good girlfriend.

More drive-drive-driving back to NYC and then we rocked Hoboken. Lots of friends in attendance made this a really great show. It’s always heart-warming to play close to home when on tour. We are gearing up to get back in the car to make the drive to DC where we play at Black Cat tonight (one of the best rock venue’s in the country, FYI). Doors open at 9pm. Come see which Sinead O’Connor song Kaia will play tonight! Also, I’m getting really good at my harmonies on Kaia’s songs, so you for sure don’t want to miss that.



For more information on Jennifer, check out her official website

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