We make over the US Military’s DADT comic book


As you know, Congress passed a bill to overturn the US Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy all the way back in 2010 — so why the heck aren’t openly gay soldiers allowed to serve their country yet? Well, President Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Navy Admiral Mike Mullen all have to affirm in writing that they’ve read the Pentagon’s report on the effects of the repeal, and agree that allowing gay soldiers to say “I’m gay” out loud “is consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention of the Armed Forces.”

They also started some training, back in February, so that military personnel know what to expect when the DADT repeal becomes official. Taking a few pages from the Army’s official “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” comic book, we’ve imagined just how that training is going to go.

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