Batwoman returns in “Batman, Inc.”


These days, every time I see a bit of news featuring Batwoman, I read the story with one hand over my eyes, because lately it’s just been a steady stream of announcements from DC telling us they’re pushing back the release of her solo title. (Again and again and again.) In my gloom, I’d totally forgotten that Grant Morrison‘s Batman Incorporated had promised to feature Batwoman in issue #5!

The issue hit stands yesterday and, as always, Kate Kane made it worth the wait.

The Hood says: There’s something about a statuesque goth redhead in leather that I somehow instinctively trust.

Heather Hogan says: There’s something about a statuesque goth redhead in leather that instinctively turns me on.

The Hood says: You have excellent intel to go with that devastating smile.

Heather Hogan says: You have excellent sass to go with that devastating smile. (Call me!)

If you’re unfamiliar with Batman, Inc., here’s the deal: It’s a Morrison-penned title that launched last year to continue the story of Bruce Wayne after Final Crisis, Batman and Robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne. Everyone thought Bruce was dead because he was locked in the distant past, so Dick Grayson took over for Batman. Now that Bruce is back, Dick is going to retain the role of Batman in Gotham City, while Bruce takes his Batman show global, amassing a global team of heroes. Batwoman’s appearance in #5 was meant to be a lead-in to her solo title. Alas. 

Batman, Inc. #5 is in stores now and, until DC gets its act together, it will be the last we see of the highest-profile lesbian superhero until Batwoman #1 lands (hopefully) this fall. You can check out more preview pages of Batman, Inc. at DC’s offical blog, The Source

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