New Music Tuesday: 4-5-2011


Welcome back to another round of music being released this week! I was not part of all the fun at The Dinah but apparently Whitney and Tracy from The Real L Word will be in Chicago this Thursday. I’ll let you know if there’s any scoop on the second season.

Various ArtistsSongs for Japan

Superstars have lent their songs to a genre-crossing double-disc compilation to raise money for relief efforts in Japan. From Adele to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj and Sade, there’s something for everyone and the proceeds from the album all go to a great cause.

The KillsBlood Pressure (Domino Records)

Oh my holy goddess — Allison Mosshart is hot. It’s a good thing this lo-fi dark rocking duo is used to working far apart from each other (when the band started they literally sent each other audio via snail mail from the U.S. to England and back). While Mosshart has been busy touring with her other band The Dead Weather, James Hince was busy writing new music for this album. We’re left with 11 songs that could pump you up to take the wheel in an old school drag race. Some standouts include “Future Starts Slow,” “Heart Is a Beating Drum” and “DNA.”

The RaveonettesRaven in the Grave (Vice Music)

It’s pretty sweet that The Kills and The Raveonettes both have albums out on the same day, as they are bands I strongly equate with each other and got into around the same time. The Danes actually take a dreamier approach to their sound than I’m used to with their fifth full-length album. It seems as though they’ve been listening to a lot of Beach House lately — which I’m not mad about— but it’s definitely a reinvention from the ‘50s biker gang Shangrila sound I’m used to.

Alela DianeAlela Diane & Wild Divine (Rough Trade)

I was going to say Alela’s voice seems like alterna-billy to me but I think the folks at iTunes probably said it better by calling it psych-folk. Maybe we’re both right – there’s a definite nod to the ‘60s in her voice that sounds a bit Southern to me. She kind of reminds me of Neko Case, which is a huge plus. Whatever genre you’d like to put this under, I’m a fan.

Lisa LampanelliTough Love (Warner Bros.)

“The Queen of Mean” is back with a new comedy album and as per usual she pulls absolutely no punches. If you’re a fan of raunchy humor and have thick skin, you’ll laugh your tushy off for 72 minutes. But seriously, no one is safe, I’m talking Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin on steroids.

Kina GrannisStairwells (One Haven Music)

Kina’s got a great smooth voice that kind of reminds me of the sweetness of Snow White singing in the forest with the animals gathering around her. It’s pop-jazz for a mainstream audience. For fans of Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I Am,” you will love “The One You Say Goodnight To.”

The SubmarinesLove Notes/Letter Bombs (Nettwerk Productions)

Fans of Matt and Kim will love the he sang/she sang sound of The Submarines. Cutesy boy/girl harmonies packed with electro-pop goodness.

Honorable Mentions: Timbre Timbre, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Broadway soundtrack, Tron: Legacy Reconfigured sountrack (Daft Punk), Ray Davies, Adam Lambert, Hot Tuna, Elton John & Leon Russell, the Smithereens, George Michael, Tiesto, B.B. King, Mint Condition, INXS, Cold Cave, Tiny Animals and Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event (because I know I will get hate mail if I don’t include it).

That’s all for this week. Let me know if I’ve missed anything and also make sure you check back tomorrow for another installment of Your Weekly Women to Listen to.

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