Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Little Dragon, Pamela Hute, the Jezabels and more!


It’s a beautiful, crisp Wednesday morning and I’m going to see M.I.A. tonight so you know I’m in a great mood. Also, a lot of you have been sending over your suggestions and most of them have been great – so keep on keepin’ on!


File Under: Mostly subdued art rock band that isn’t afraid to take itself less seriously and is filled with cute girls
From: The UK
For Fans Of: Black turtlenecks, oddities, El Perro del Mar, Au Revoir Simone, Luscious Jackson, cigarette breaks, beatniks
Bonus: While the band is on indefinite hiatus, you can now see guitarist Mia Clarke in the band Follows.

Little Dragon

File Under: 80’s slowcore electro, sleep-pop, lounge-dub, soul, Deee-Lite on night-time cold medicine
From: Sweden
For Fans Of: Santigold, Dirty Projectors, Black Keys, high fashion, Cee Lo Green
Bonus: The band is currently supporting The Gorillaz on tour and are featured on two of the songs from their Plastic Beach album. They also collaborated with Dave Sitek (TV On the Radio) for his solo project, Maximum Balloon, whose self-titled album is insanely good.

Skunk Anansie

File Under: Oddly enough, they’re kind of standing in classic rock/prog rock territory, though Skin has described their sound as “clit-rock." I’m not sure how the guys in the group feel about that, but OK.
From: London
For Fans Of: A Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath, Morcheeba, throwing up the “rock” sign, revenge
Bonus: My ex-girlfriend, who is now my girlfriend again, put a Skunk Anansie song on her first mix tape to me. And yes, we are old enough that it was actually a cassette tape.

Pamela Hute

photo by Richard Boutin

File Under: Pop that isn’t afraid to rock out with emotion, go electro, Southern, sexy or be cutesy
From: France but sings in English
For Fans Of: Rachel Maddow (looks-wise), a bit of everything, Tegan & Sara, Veruca Salt, The Ting Tings, Sneaker Pimps, Air
Bonus: For lovers of glasses or girls in glasses, she has an entire page on her website devoted to fans taking pictures in glasses like hers. (Hat tip, Christie!)

The Jezabels

File Under: Melodic indie rock whose instrumentation is just as important as its vocals
From: Sydney, Australia
For Fans Of: Metric, Washington, import beers, storytelling, Great Northern
Bonus: Their new EP, She’s So Hard, will be available Nov. 6.

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