New Music Tuesday: 8-31-2010


It’s a beautiful Tuesday, the sun is shining and I just need to toot my own horn because I ran to work this morning. Accompanying me on my run was a mix of songs I had originally put together for a bike ride but Robyn, Hot Chip, The Gossip and Heartsrevolution ended up being perfect for my slow jogging and gasping for air. I also ran into my favorite person to see on the lakefront path – an older man who is incredibly tan and only wears a tiny black Speedo and a giant straw hat and walks with resistance bands on his legs every morning. Today is going to be a great day.

Heart Red Velvet Car (Legacy Recordings/Sony Music)

The top spot this week goes to Ann and Nancy Wilson who have been rocking people’s faces off as Heart since the ’70s.  It’s been six years since their last group recording adventure but the ladies have kept their sound strong and haven’t lost their ability to hypnotize us with guitar licks and the bite of Ann Wilson’s voice. 

Jenny and Johnny I’m Having Fun Now (Warner Bros.)

Even though Jonathan Rice has stolen my girlfriend Jenny Lewis from me, I’m willing to admit to thoroughly enjoying their fun, sunny and overall adorable debut. Indie rock kids in love make the darndest things – and this album is no exception. If you were ever a Rilo Kiley fan, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re a fan of the California surf sound and the Hipstamatic application for your iPhone you will enjoy this as well. Stream the album in its entirety at

Sahara Smith Myth of The Heart (Playing in Traffic)

Sahara Smith’s voice is laced in honey and years of regret that belie her 21 years on earth. While her sound is definitely more country blues (and you can absolutely hear T-Bone Burnett’s production on this album) , there are some strong similarities to Fiona Apple in her voice and angst factor. She is a rising star who will be talked about a lot in the next few years. Keep your ears out.

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