The Huddle: Our favorite frontwomen


The resurgence of Lilith Fair has reminded me of a time when female frontwomen were becoming all the rage and were, well, full of rage: the ’90s. Riot grrl was in its prime, alt-rock was ushering in bands like Veruca Salt, and Sleater-Kinney were indie queens. The good news is that women have stayed on the mic, despite the misogyny of the music industry and media, and we’re lucky enough to have so many bad-ass ladies fronting successful groups today.

I know it’s hard, but it’s also fun: Who is your favorite frontwoman?

thelinster: I was a Jesus freak during the ’80s and missed most of the decade’s music. (I just listened to Christian music. Seriously.) So I distinctly remember the first time I heard the Pretenders. It was “Middle of the Road.” I immediately went and bought the album — it was the early ’90s — and could not get enough of Chrissie Hynde. I was mesmerized by her voice. I still am.

These days, Chrissie spends much of her time advocating for animal rights and running her vegetarian restaurant. But she found time to be frontwoman for a new band — JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys — with a debut album, Fidelity. I am so happy to hear that voice again.

Lindsey Byrnes: Paramore‘s Hayley Williams is not only my favorite frontwomen currently but she is also one of the best we have out there right now. After an hour and a half on stage, Hayley is still doing moves reminiscent of the Beach Body workout program "Insanity" and belting out near-perfect notes over the loudest rock band you’ve heard in years. Her candor with the audience is sweet and borders on sexy, which is fine with the audience because even after an hour and a half they are still on the edge of their seats seats screaming their faces off.

Recently I snuck on set where Hayley was filming her part in the B.O.B. "Airplanes" video. Even as she lip synced along with the song every hair on my body stood on end. Hayley’s collaboration with B.O.B is the biggest summer anthem and is only just the beginning, if you ask me. Watch our world: we have another icon in the making.

Karman Kregloe: Tina Turner isn’t just a music legend, she’s a force of nature, with powerful vocals, insane dance moves and legs that just go on and on and on and on. She is said to have sold more concert tickets than any other solo music performer in history. She’s the gypsy, the Acid Queen. Is it really possible that she’s 70-years old?

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