Katie Melua: portrait of a not-quite-out star


Katie Melua is an incredibly private person. She also happens to be an incredibly talented musician who sold more than two million copies of her debut album, Call Off the Search in its first year. That was in 2003, when Melua was 19-years-old. Since then, she’s released two more successful albums, making her one of the UK’s biggest and most profitable musicians. So it’s inevitable that fans would be dying to know more about her.

Her first high-profile relationship was with Luke Pritchard, lead singer of English band The Kooks. They split up in 2006, but it only fueled more interested in Katie’s personal life.

Katie and Lara (center right) and two friends

When Melua began hanging around out photographer Lara Bloom, the gay rumors started: Is Katie Melua a lesbian? Is she bisexual? Are they just friends? That year, Sarah Warn wrote about the speculation:

“Katie’s very upfront and frank about herself and is completely comfortable about [her relationship with Lara].” But if she’s so comfortable and frank about it, why are they quoting anonymous sources instead of Katie herself?

Katie, herself, didn’t say anything about their relationship or her sexuality until 2008, when she only furthered rumors by answering the question “Are you gay?” with:

People can think whatever they like … I like to keep some mystique around my public image. In a sense, the less you give the better. I really try not to talk about my friends … They are all special, they are all stars in their own right and I love them specifically because they don’t want to be famous by association with me. 

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