New Music Tuesday: 8-17-2010


Good afternoon and high fives all around. My iPod was good to me this morning as I biked into work so my mood is sunny with a chance of awesome — mostly because I also got an advanced copy of the new Heart album and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it like it was red velvet cake.

Here’s what’s up this week.

Psalm OneWoman at Work Vol. 3 (Rhymesayers)

Openly bisexual and openly rad, MC Psalm One is releasing her third volume of fierce rhymes, hot beats and some of the illest flow to crank your neck to. Her lyrics will make you think, make you laugh and make you put your hands up in the air. And did I mention you can download all three volumes for free? Go get it now ya’ll.

LissieCatching a Tiger (Fat Possum)

I know that I barely need to spread the Lissie love up on because a lot of you already know and love her. Also, since many of you are from outside of the US, and you’re cooler than I am and have a better accent, you’ve already been listening to Catching a Tiger for months. Well it has certainly been worth the wait for me: “When I’m Alone” is one of my favorite tracks on the album with “Little Lovin’” a close second.

Post PostResidents (self-released)

I had a bit of a brain fart last week and forgot to include openly queer musicians and über adorable Post Post. Trish Bendix and I actually featured them on one of our Chick Habit podcasts a while ago and they have also been picked by MTV Music as one of their “Needle In The Haystack” bands. They’ve got a great dream-pop sound that reminds me if Tegan and Sara went on a beach vacation. A great find.

The DollyrotsA Little Messed Up (Blackheart Records)

The goddess that is Joan Jett signed, sealed and delivered these pop-punksters back in 2006. While I tend to go for more punk and less pop, the album is quirky and fun. Also, lead singer Kelly Ogden kind of reminds me of Mary Cherry from Popular.

DondriaDondria Vs. Phatfffat (So So Def)

Jermain Dupri has a new protégé in Dondria and her debut album is an R&B lover’s dream. Speaking of dreams, Dondria was one of the lucky few talented people who was discovered on YouTube. Now if only I could start my burgeoning decoupage career on YouTube.

Esperanza SpaldingChamber Music Society (Heads Up International)

When I say that this is not my kind of music, I mean it baffles me and makes me feel like a dunce because I just don’t get it. It is the kind of instrumental jazz with speckles of scat and lilting vocals that I picture really intelligent people listening to while wearing corduroy jackets with elbow patches. I’m strictly jeans and hoodie, but far be it from me to deprive you of something new and interesting in your lives.

Enjoy the new tunes everybody and come back tomorrow for a new batch of Your Weekly Women to Listen to.

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